"By Symbols men have ever sought to communicate
to each other those thoughts which transcend
the limitations of language."

Manly Hall
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The importance of symbols

Architecture, Art and Hardware have always been full of Symbolism.

Not only through iconography representing mythological heroes, animals, plants and patterns but also through Sacred Geometry, mathematical proportions or references to astronomical cycles. Symbols connect us with the Collective Wisdom, with the Laws that rule the Universe.

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Our logo taps into the symbolism of the Magician card in the Tarot,
the card of creative power, skill, dedication and persistence in order to achieve mastery.

The Magician has both arms outstretched in opposite directions, one towards the sky, to connect to the Universal Wisdom, the other towards the Earth, to channel these Universal Principles into the material World.

Above his head is the Lemniscate infinity sign, the symbol of the balance between the opposites, the state of harmony where mystical awakening happens, by embracing the duality found everywhere in this World.

Around his waist is the Ouroboros, the circle made by the snake eating its tail, also a symbol of the Universe, of eternal cycles and continuous renewal.

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These symbols have been entwined as to reflect the initials
of the founding love story behind van Cronenburg, fueled every day
by the passion of creating lasting beauty.