"Teamwork is at the heart
of every great achievement."

John C. Maxwell
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The Team

With combined backgrounds in Fine Woodworking, Consulting and Art History, co-principals Peter van Cronenburg and Regine Yvergneaux lead a multi-talented, international team to deliver products of superb quality and the highest standards for professional advice and service.

The people at van Cronenburg are a unique mix of talents and personalities, and the beating heart of our company. In this combination of characters, creativity and analytical skills, our company flourishes. Hardware triggers as much left brain as right brain, our hands and our heads – likewise the workshop and the project and product team work very closely.

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At van Cronenburg, Sharing is a value we live by every day: It is the essential ingredient of our great team spirit.

Transmission of knowledge and expertise is crucial - as there is no academy for what we do, the training happens mostly in-house.

We encourage everyone to share what they do, the great stories as well as the anecdotes, the teachings of every day.

We celebrate the victories and successes as a team, as much as we share issues. Every problem is welcomed as an opportunity that we face together: the more difficult the problem, the greater the challenge in working it out, the greater the joy in resolving it.